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Vinyl Flooring

Suppose you’ve been hunting the most cost-effective flooring options for a quick renovation project. In that case, you might have considered vinyl flooring. It is “standard flooring” in the best way possible! Vinyl flooring comes in the shape of vinyl sheet flooring or vinyl floor tiles. There is another variation to it, luxury vinyl flooring, which we also offer at our site. However, you may be interested in the classic vinyl flooring for various reasons:


Vinyl flooring prices are by far the most affordable of all, even more than carpet and luxury vinyl flooring. You can get residential and commercial vinyl flooring as well at the cheapest cost.

Moisture Resistant

Because it comes in large sheets, vinyl flooring is glued down using a vinyl adhesive, leaving no seams. So, this means it doesn’t leave room for moisture to get in. Kitchen and bathroom vinyl flooring won’t disappoint with its moisture-resistance capabilities.

Style: The Sky’s The Limit

The above sounds great, but it wouldn’t be as convenient if you’ve only got one boring flooring option. Instead, you get tons of styles available like vinyl wood flooring, black vinyl flooring, white vinyl flooring, and more. Since it has a layer where a design is printed on the material, it gives it the versatility of looking like any flooring material!

Top It All Off: Apt Installation Services

With vinyl flooring, quickly elevate a space or solve renovation needs without blowing your budget. However, it doesn’t do it alone. The best-looking vinyl flooring is all due to professional vinyl floor installation services. Prep work and other details may easily slip without a professional. Vinyl flooring also uses a glue-down method which means doing it wrong reflects on the finished product. With FS HW Flooring, it won’t be the case.

How do we ensure this? With owner-supervised services that aren’t only fit your needs but adjust to your budget as well. We take care of small or big projects of vinyl flooring near Columbus, Ohio. Get an estimate today! 

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