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Parquet Flooring

If the signature parquet flooring made such a strong impression that you’ll decide to install it in your home, FS HW Flooring is here to help. Parquet flooring is a vibrant and energetic floor style that consists of geometric patterns with wood.

The herringbone pattern instantly comes to mind when parquet flooring is mentioned. Still, the truth is this style alone comes with many variations available that you can play with. You can choose among the diverse types of patterns, wood types like oak parquet flooring, and even types of wood flooring. Discover more here!

Quality Shop, Quality Floors

The select material that is used for parquet flooring is none other than wood. Two classic options come together to bring you a unique floor design that will uplift your space. Back in the day, parquet flooring was made out of hardwood. Today, there are many more options available in the market you can use to adjust to your needs and budget, and you’ll find it all here at our flooring store

Wood Parquet Floors

If you are going full out on achieving the all-time favorite parquet flooring look, you’ll likely want to use hardwood flooring . You may already know wood floors will augment the value of your home and last a lifetime. You can’t go wrong with your parquet flooring project with both real wood and engineered options.

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Laminate Parquet Floors

Wood flooring alternatives now allow you to get the look and still have wiggle room in your budget without compromising quality. Laminate flooring is one. You can perfectly use laminate wood flooring for parquet flooring without a problem. It will grant you all its benefits with a lovely design.



Secure Excellence

When working on any flooring project, no detail should be dismissed, especially in the process of installing the new floor. At FS HW Flooring , we don’t overlook anything. That is why we offer premium flooring services: parquet flooring installation and parquet floor repair

We’ll cover everything, from providing you with a durable product to laying parquet flooring and maintenance. If you need our assistance, get in contact with us today!


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