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Luxury Vinyl Plank

It is the best choice when a product is precisely engineered to last and be resilient. Luxury vinyl flooring is precisely that. If you want flooring solutions thought for you, luxury vinyl flooring and our services are the perfect combinations.

Sometimes, more can be better, which is the case with luxury vinyl flooring. If you thought a vinyl click flooring was already convenient, luxury vinyl flooring comes with double the thickness and benefits:

  • More durability: Due to its increased thickness, luxury vinyl flooring is even more durable than regular vinyl flooring. It will fit different lifestyles and needs regardless.
  • More options: Luxury vinyl flooring keeps your options vast and budget-friendly. Longing for the look of good old wood floors? You can achieve it through a luxury vinyl plank. Want to mimic the look of expensive stone floors? With luxury vinyl tile, you can!
  • Fewer worries: The click installation method gives you waterproof vinyl flooring. Install them anywhere, even in the bathroom of a two-story home! Additionally, they don’t require much attention other than your regular upkeep.

Why expect good when you can receive more? You don’t have to settle with regular options when you count on solutions that consistently exceed your expectations. Fuzing the luxury vinyl flooring benefits with our services is always the way to obtain that.

Versatile Product, Smooth Procedure.

We trust luxury vinyl flooring as such a fantastic option that you can acquire the product through our flooring shop with a manufacturer warranty. We only introduce top brands and products. But not just that.

You can conveniently recur to us for the entire catalog of flooring services like floor installation and floor repairs. We are the perfect choice to cut down cuts, simplify the remodeling or installation process, and ensure quality. Get your new floors and install them with a superior flooring contractor like FS HW Flooring! Contact us today!

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