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LifeProof Flooring

As a leading flooring store and flooring contractor in Columbus, OH, we are aware of and work with first-rate brands in the market for all floor types. When it comes to vinyl flooring, the most innovative brand has got to be LifeProof flooring.

All the benefits you’ve come to know and love about vinyl flooring are taken to the next level by LifeProof. Their innovative design makes it entirely resilient against every factor that could degrade them: water damage, scratches, wear, and age. Your floors will always look amazing because they won’t show defects and because of the various color and texture options.

Lifeproof flooring counts with an “ISOCORE” or a water-resistant foam layer. They are flexible but rigid and can adorn your home for 15 to 20 years, sometimes more, with minimum maintenance.

LifeProof vinyl flooring is a game-changer. When paired with the best flooring services, you are promised excellence.

Get A Quality Seal For Lifeproof Flooring

FS HW Flooring specializes in lifetime solutions. Partnering with us will make your LifeProof flooring surpass your expectations. The potential of this product is genuine, which is why it comes with a lifetime residential warranty. But one thing every homeowner has to remember is that it can be voided when floor installation incorrectly.

It is best to leave the LifeProof flooring installation in the hands of your trusted experts at FS HW Flooring to be worry-free. How do we make sure to maintain the highest standards? Our services, including floor repair and floor remodeling, are owner-supervised. We pay attention to detail, but we adjust the procedure as needed.

Are you planning on getting a new floor? LifeProof flooring and FS HW Flooring are the two options that won’t disappoint. You are guaranteed to receive exceptional value for the cost of material and work. Get a free estimate today!

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