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Floor Repair

FS HW Flooring reduces the hassle of acquiring beautiful floors by selling top-tier flooring products and providing foolproof installation services too. However, another significant inconvenience can be caring for your floors, especially when damaged. But rest easy.

Our high-quality signature solutions extend to floor repair services. With our impeccable work, getting a floor repair with us will be like getting a new floor. We’ll revive them at a fraction of the cost!

Hardwood Floor Repair

You may know that hardwood has to be refinished every couple of years to preserve its looks. Still, it is a complex and time-consuming process. Thanks to our floor repair solutions, you don’t have to be stuck with them if your wood floors have suffered from any damage.

With hardwood floor repair by FS HW Flooring , we will vanish every imperfection for all varieties of wood floors, even parquet floor repair!

Laminate Floor Repair

Laminate is a floating floor, meaning it can be spot repaired. For seamless laminate floor repair, you want to count on a professional not to damage the rest of the planks when cutting, primarily when a glue-down method was used. With floor repair, we can also correct poorly installed floors.

Vinyl Floor Repair

Vinyl flooring may be easy to repair by simply replacing the tile or plank, but other issues like uneven, peeling, or severely stained and damaged floors will call for expert floor repair. Rest assured, our vinyl floor repair can tackle cosmetic and structural problems and prevent them down the road.

Trust A Professional, Settle For Quality

The tricky part of spot repairs or any floor repair is that they have to be expertly performed to blend with the rest of the floor. With FS HW Flooring, every floor repair will be almost invisible, but the job quality is evident.

Our solutions are not only executed by a skilled flooring contractor. They’re also owner-operated and supervised to adjust to your needs. Recur to us for floor repair in Columbus and surrounding areas. Call (614) 584-5543 today!

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